“Mastery Musings” from Nancy Noonan: two simple tools for you to use.


Mastery Musings®

My friend and colleague, Nancy Noonan, has devoted much of her life and work to exploring the elements of Mastery. She knows from experience, observations and study that as a whole, people feel better about the life they are living and the work they are doing when they take the initiative to bring excellence and mastery into their experiences. She says, “When we feel better about what we are doing, our internal engines prod us to do more of that. So, excellence begets excellence and Mastery begets Mastery.”

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I thought her newsletter article, Mastery Musings® would be valuable to you, my dear readers.  You are all quite aware of the challenges you face each and every day in shaping your voice into the beautiful feminine sound that speaks clearly the essence of your beautiful feminine self. These few simple tips might make all the difference in your outlook about how you’re going about mastering your voice.

I shall become a master in this art only after a great deal of practice.

Erich Fromm

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Here are Nancy’s thoughts….

Why Mastery?

As I describe in my new book, Stepping Stones to Success, (co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield), Mastery has a number of components; its own stepping stones. These can be understood through a basic formula:

Mastery = Skills + Knowledge + Excellence

Put simply, Mastery occurs when you use your honed skills and knowledge to continually achieve excellence in your goals and in your areas of focus. I first began thinking about Mastery during the years I was teaching art history college courses. As I taught about the artists and their work, I realized that the people we think of today as the “Master Artists” didn’t start out that way. Each of them started out at his or her own beginning. They then applied the formula of Mastery to develop their own styles and abilities to ultimately produce the works we all now call “masterpieces.” And with each and every one of these works, they began with a blank canvas or a block of stone. So it is for us.

Every day, every project, every challenge begins with a blank canvas. It’s up to us to make of it what we will.

Steps and Stephen Covey

I often talk about the steps and elements that the Masters used that can help us create our own “masterpieces” in our lives and work. Although I’m a huge proponent of mindfully focusing on the “now,” I also suggest we pay heed to one of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People: Start with the End in Mind. At the risk of sounding a bit macabre, I advocate that we think of the end of our lives NOW. Think of the end of your life while you’re in the midst of living it. Picture looking back on your life and ask ! yourself, “What do I want to see?” A life where nothing much happened, a life built on mediocrity and just getting by? Or . . . do I want to see a life where I consciously did things to create excellence and Mastery? A life with gallery after gallery of one life “masterpiece” after another of my own making? . . . Which would feel better to you in the end?

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Let’s look more carefully at Nancy’s formula.

Mastery = Skills + Knowledge + Excellence

In a recent post Points of Interest: 3 important mile markers along your voice feminization journey, we discussed the three phases of learning.  Applying Nancy’s formula you can achieve mastery with your  voice by looking at it this way:

Skills: The Nine Elements of an Exceptional Feminine Voice©. After working with each element (pitch, quality, loudness, resonance, etc) individually as you have in Early Phase and Middle Phase learning exercises, you’re now ready to focus on the integration of your skills at the conversational level.  How do you do this?  Warm-up first (for about ten minutes), then read a simple paragraph from a magazine or the newspaper, then record yourself saying a sentence or two about what you’ve just read.  When listening to your recording, it’s critical to assess both your achievement in each element and the whole sum of the parts–how your voice sounds at a conversational level.


Knowledge: An early phase component where  you need to:

  1. Understand the mechanics of the skill
  2. Be clear about what approach you’re going to use to train your voice.  The Beyond the Fundamentals audio program provides an advanced set of tools and techniques to help you master your voice.
  3. Create a daily plan for your practice time.


Excellence: Your daily practice routine will determine the level of excellence you ultimately achieve.


Mastery: Your grand vision is achieving a natural, beautiful feminine voice.

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Let’s look at Nancy’s other point:

Start with the End in Mind.

What do you want your life to look like?  To be like? To feel like?  And what are you willing to do each and every day to manifest that?!  You are exceptional, you can and will master your voice.  Do a little something every day to make bring that dream to fruition.

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