Is it really possible to feminize my voice?


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Q:          A very common question I’m asked is, “Can I really feminize my voice?”

A:         The simple answer is, yes, of course you can.  The vocal folds (vocal cords) consist of two shelves of muscle and flexible tissue, which lengthen and contract to increase and decrease pitch.  The strap muscles of the neck can be trained to keep your larynx raised in order to create a smaller throat space.  A smaller resonating chamber increases the resonant frequencies (formant frequencies), which will give you a feminine ring and enhance your voice tremendously.  These two elements (pitch and resonance) among others (articulation, melodic intonation, fluency, etc.) can be trained over a period of time.

Q:        How long will it take to feminize my voice?

A:         As you know, this is not an overnight matter. The coding/programming needed to feminine your voice is achieved by paying close attention to the specifics of each technique and practicing a little every day.  You’ll want to create a goal for yourself to build up to practicing for 30 minutes twice each day.  In my experience it usually takes 6 months to a year to achieve a passable feminine voice.  It might take more than one year to create a beautiful feminine voice.

Q:        Why do some people (like Rachel and Marion on your YouTube channel) achieve a beautiful voice so quickly?

A:         Excellent question!  It can be very frustrating when others zoom ahead of us while we’ve been slaving over our tasks and working hard.  Individual differences account for some of this.  Some people have inherent/innate skills that allow them to train their voices (or anything) easier than others. However, you cannot get anything without working for it.  If you don’t practice you won’t improve.  Even people with above average innate skills must practice. You must PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE. Simply “trying to speak in a feminine voice” won’t do it.

Q:        What might slow or hinder my success in feminizing my voice?

A:         There are a few critical factors for you to consider.

  1. Your general physical health will affect the sound of your voice.  The vocal folds reside in your body, so when you’re not well, they aren’t either.  People who suffer from allergies, asthma, or acid reflux (to name a few) might have trouble adjusting their pitch, vocalizing without tension, and breathing effectively.
  2. 2. Emotional well-being is another factor.  Let’s face it; transitioning can be (and often is) difficult.  When you’re stressed, many things can happen—some may include holding your breath or tightening your jaw, throat and shoulders—and this muscle tension affects your voice.  Sleep, hydration, what you ingest, how much you talk (or don’t talk), all affect your voice.  Most voice therapists provide a vocal hygiene program for their patients.  I provide FRIDAY’S FIVE FINE V FEM TIPS on my website Ask Kathe Perez.

Q:        If I really can feminize my voice, how do I unravel the complicated maze of things I read on the Internet?

A:         Those of you who are excellent at Internet searches, will want to pay attention to sites that provide a structured, systematic approach. Because there is so much to sift through, begin at the beginning.  And where exactly is that?  I am currently providing my beloved clients with “A Year Through the Steps” on Ask Kathe Perez.  January provides you with Step 1 — Feminine posture — and each following month I’ll provide another step.  By the end of the year, if you have gone through the steps with careful, thoughtful attention, you will achieve a passable feminine voice.

Thanks for your questions; I always love hearing from you!

Keeping you and your voice close to my heart,


Denver, Colorado

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