How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time Step 5 May: Loudness– can you hear me now?


FIVE Quick Tips for Projecting Your Voice

Here it is–May.  It’s been five months since we began your year through the steps—the twelve essential steps to sounding feminine.

What kind of progress are you making?  Are you more aware of your posture?  Can you sense the flow of your breath when you speak? Have you been tuning your pitch?

I am frequently asked, “How do I project my voice?” People tell me that once they’ve successfully found their feminine pitch register, their voices get drowned out in noisy places like restaurants and nightclubs or recreating outside.

These five quick tips can and will help!  Try them!

Kermit talks with a child and learns the difference between a soft voice and a loud voice.

Five Quick Tips:


  • As you know, good posture not only looks great, it gives you the added bonus of freeing up your abdominal muscles.  A long, tall, femininely upright posture engages your core (think Pilates LINK:  The deep skeletal muscles (of the hips and legs) are perfectly designed to hold us upright.
  • Practice standing or sitting tall.  Imagine a string coming out of the top of your head.  Imagine that string being pulled gently upward which pulls your head, shoulders and hips into alignment.  Be aware (metacognitive) of the freedom of movement you have in your abdominals as you practice the quiet breathing exercise from Step 2 – February.


  • Sense the activation of your core (hips, legs, spine) as you expand your belly (not chest) for the in-breath.
  • Now, with a reasonably good effort, shout, “hey!”.
  • How did that sound?  Too deep?  Just right?
  • One of the behaviors I’ve noticed over the years, is that men tend to lower their pitch when they get louder and women tend to raise their pitch as they get louder.
  • If your pitch went too low, tune it first (see Step 3-April).
  • Repeat these same steps:
    • Activate your core
    • Expand your belly for the in-breath
    • With reasonably good effort shout:
      • “Excuse me!”
      • “No way!”
      • “Just a minute please.”
  • Come up with a list of other attention-getting words or phrases.


  • Those of you familiar with my programs, know the phrase, “What you think is what you get.”
  • Bring the sound of your voice forward.  Imagine that you can sense your voice rippling toward the front of your mouth, as you speak, like waves crashing on the shoreline.
  • Your intention, the thought of allowing your voice to come cascading forward, will fill the resonating cavities of your face with a bigger sound.

Move your mouth more

  • Sometimes being better understood is not about getting louder. Speech intelligibility studies suggest that we can be more effective when communicating (especially in a noisy environment) when we move our mouths to more fully shape each consonant.
  • Don’t make your listener work to understand you.
  • Enunciate the consonants more clearly and with more effort than usual.

Face your listener

  • Let them see your expression; use your face to enhance what you’re saying.
  • And finally, smile!
  • Make eye contact.
  • Let your facial expression draw people to you!

Step 5:  Loudness

For the month of May, your goal is to practice these five quick tips frequently. Go out of your way to practice being understood when you’re in a noisy place.  Does one technique work better than another?

I’d LOVE to know how you’re doing with Step 5. Stay in touch over the month.

Keeping you and your voice close to my heart,


Denver, Colorado

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