How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time–Step 3 March: Your Feminine Pitch-getting into the right neighborhood.


The pitch of your feminine voice matters.  A lot.  While it is true that some women do have low-pitched speaking voices (see the Bea Arthur video) and some woman are able to sing quite low (see the “woman with deep voices” video), they still sound like women.

Actress Bea Arthur

Women with deep (“dark”) voices

This month (March) is Step 3—establishing your speaking pitch in a feminine range. Those of you who have been working on your voices already know that the average adult female has a speaking pitch between 200-250 Hz (or G3-B3 on the piano), which is just below “middle C,” or C4.  The average adult male has a speaking pitch about an octave below that (100-150 Hz, centered around C3).


You’ll need a frequency tuner.  I often use the Boss TU 80 chromatic tuner.  I like it because it also has a metronome which you’ll need later in your training.  Click HERE to go to their website to learn more.

iPhone and Android apps are also plentiful and easy to use and some are FREE.  Click HERE to learn more about CLEARTUNE.    Click HERE to learn more about TunerTool.  Click HERE to learn more about PitchPerfect.

Another FREE frequency tuner can be downloaded from Seventh String. They also have a FREE metronome.

How to begin:

We’ll be layering your feminine posture (which you’ve been working on for two months now), your respiratory mechanics (from last month, February) and your feminine pitch in the simple exercises in this video.  I strongly urge you to practice with this video at least once a day.  If you’re quite skillful with you voice already, you’ll benefit from a brush-up on both the proprioceptive (felt sense) and metacognitive (mindfulness) strategies you’ve been trained to incorporate when speaking.

Pitch Tuning For Beginners

BONUS VIDEO: I thought you might like this video of a guy (Nick Pitera) singing in a female voice.

Nick Pitera singing male & female parts, “Don’t Stop Believing”

Try singing along with Nick in his female voice.

Step 3:  Your Feminine Pitch

For the month of March, your goal is to use a frequency tuner (of your choosing) and tune your pitch at least ten times every day.  Before you begin, check your posture, connect with the breath (hint: the exercises from last month), then “hit” the A3 pitch for “hee,” then “haa,” then “hoo.”  Check your tuner. Did you hit it?  If so, FANTASTIC!  Do it again. If you didn’t hit the A3, what pitch did you hit?  Did you over shoot or under shoot the target?

I’d LOVE to know how you’re doing with Step 3. Stay in touch over the month.

Keeping you and your voice close to my heart,


Denver, Colorado

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