How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time ~ Step 1: Feminine Posture


Long, lean and elegant is always feminine!

What is the first thing you notice when you see a beautiful woman?

Her hair?

Her outfit?

Her jewelry?

I notice posture.


and lean

is always elegant and oh-so-feminine.

But, it’s not just about looking feminine and feeling elegant–these are important, don’t get me wrong—it’s about a simple anatomic fact: posture and breathing are intricately connected.

Try this. Sit down and bend over your legs, letting your arms hang down to the floor.  Now, take a deep breath in. It’s a bit difficult, isn’t it?  While this little exercise is an extreme example of how our muscles and tendons can get overly restricted and cause a lessening of depth and ease in breathing, it does serve as an easy example that the abdominal muscles need sufficient space to move as they’re designed in order of us to breathe freely and effectively.  Poor posture restricts the movement (rise and fall) of your diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle that sits at the base of your lungs. Changing your voice requires careful attention and some significant changes to your posture.

Good posture = Good breathing

Are you a sloucher? Chances are pretty good that you are.

Good posture = Good breathing = Good Voice

Awareness or mindfulness (I like the concept of metacognition) precedes and underlies all change!

Task 1: Posture Consciousness

Become Aware of Where You Really Are

First, have a friend take a picture of your posture–from the front, from the back and from the side, while you’re standing and sitting. When these photos are taken try not to adjust your posture; stand and sit in a the way that feels exactly like you always do.

Now, take these photos and tape them to your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your computer monitor, anywhere you’ll see them multiple times a day.

Finally, each morning stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed and then, without moving, open them. Take a conscious look at your posture. Observe your shoulders, your hips, your feet, and your head.  Be mindful of symmetry and alignment.  And be mindful of how you feel.

Task 2: Wrong vs. Long Posture

Be Aware of Where You Ought to Be

Anyone who is standing up is, by definition, balanced. But how well you are balanced is a different issue. Posture is quite literally how you balance your body and a balanced body uses internal/deep skeletal muscles instead of overly activating your abdominals, which you need for good breathing.

Image that a single line extends straight down through you from your head to your toes.  If that string were to be pulled upward your spine would elongate, which would cause your shoulders to relax (instead of being pulled up toward your ears).

Then, align yourself from the side and bring your ear, shoulder and hips into line.

These videos quite nicely show you how to stand, move and sit.

Perfect Posture

Male Stance

Female Sitting

1940’s Fashion – A Vintage Guide to Good Posture (a little silly video)

Step 1:   Feminine Posture – Long, lean and elegant

For the month of January, your goal is to complete Step 1 by focusing on these two tasks and becoming mindful of your posture and making changes in how you stand, move and sit.

Stay in touch over the month.  I’d LOVE to hear how your Step 1 is going.

Keeping you and your voice close to my heart,


Denver, Colorado

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