About Kathe

Kathe Perez is an internationally recognized expert in the care and training of the human voice.  She is the founder and president of Exceptional Voice, Inc.  As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Kathe has been working in the field for 30 years.  She has been providing transgender voice training for years and has helped thousands gain confidence in the way they speak.

You can reach Kathe by email at kathe@exceptionalvoice.com and via her websites: www.exceptionalvoice.comwww.katheperez.comwww.exceptionalvoiceapp.com, and www.podcast.exceptionalvoice.com

Visit her YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/tgvoice, for her voice feminization tutorial. Short video segments of exercises, tips and strategies for your voice will be posted regularly.

30-Day Crash Course

Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice

Beyond the Fundamentals 1: the next dimension

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DOWNLOAD “Beyond the Fundamentals” MP3 program NOW! CLICK ON the link below.

DOWNLOAD “Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice” MP3 program NOW! CLICK ON the link below.