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Be my Lina Lamont…

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…and I’ll be Your Phoebe Dinsmore

Three simple tips from your voice feminization coach

Every successful person, at one time or another has worked with a mentor or a coach.

Success-oriented people aren’t looking for quick answers. You’re looking for ways to produce permanent change.

Most coaches would agree that we serve as sounding boards, to listen to your concerns and frustrations. We are supportive, providing encouragement and hope.  We’re your personal cheerleaders, yet we provide honest feedback so you effectively and correctly reach your targets at each phase of your training.

Coaches provide the construct for the change you want to see in yourself.  The exercises, drills and strategies are carefully designed just for your particular situation.

Essentially, our task as a coach is helping you realize your full potential.

Who were some of your significant coaches?  What did you learn from them that changed your life?

One of my all time favorite movies is Singing in the Rain. It’s a great movie on so many levels.

The character, Lina Lamont is beautiful, yet she has a voice worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.  Her acting talent only goes so far.  When talking movies come into vogue, her studio is suddenly left with a huge dilemma.  So they send her to a coach.


This scene always cracks me up!

With the right voice, a girl can change the world.

As Lina’s coach, Phoebe’s first coaching technique was to provide a model.  So, why wasn’t Lina able to mimic Phoebe’s speech and voice?  Let’s consider what might have been going on with Lina.  I’m sure Lina’s hearing was normal, but, like you I suspect, she wasn’t really able to hear her own voice. While she can hear, she hasn’t really been able to listen to how she sounds and thus hadn’t developed a voice that more closely matched her look, her physical beauty.  Sound familiar?

Strategy number 1: Ask yourself:  “What might I do differently?”

If you’ve been listening to women and trying to mimic them and still your voice hasn’t evolved into the feminine tone you so desire, try a new approach.  STOP LISTENING!  Whoa, that doesn’t sound sensible.  What I mean is, if you aren’t making progress, you must do something different.  Think differently!  What different thing might you do to move away from the same old thing and break into the feminine voice you’ve been working toward?

Strategy number 2:         Focus on making one tiny little change.

Phoebe’s next coaching strategy was to help Lina make one tiny little change in the way she spoke, “Round your vowels”, says Phoebe.  What one tiny little change can you make to your articulation to help you shape your feminine speech patterns? Hint: try opening your mouth more when you speak; try enunciating the consonants more clearly than usual.

Phoebe persists with her demonstration/modeling of the “correct” speech patterns signaling to Lina that she hadn’t hit her target yet.  I bet somewhere in that lesson, Phoebe would have offered Lina some additional feedback, some specific information that was needed for Lina to ultimately make the shift in her voice.

Strategy number 3: Feedback is essential!  But sometimes we can’t always get what we need.  So, be self-aware.  Being meta-cognitive is a way to give yourself feedback.

One of the inherent benefits of coaching is feedback.  Your voice coach, the expert, provides you with specific information about how well you’re doing and if you’re hitting the mark.  Voice feminization therapy (Voice feminization or VFT) guides you step-by-step and provides the necessary feedback about how well you’re doing and how closely to your target you’re getting.

I’d love hear from you:

What might you do differently?

What tiny little change are you doing today to change your voice?

What kind or feedback is helpful to you? Who in your life do you trust to give you specific, direct and accurate feedback?

Keeping you and your voice close to my heart,


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